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A quick and simple way to calculate breast volume from MRI imaging  

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BreastCalc is a free program for plastic surgeons to rapidly and easily calculate breast volume from a breast MRI dataset. Breast volume is an important piece of pre-operative information that can aid in surgical planning for breast reconstructions. BreastCalc relies on a semi-automatic algorithm that optimizes trade-off between user input and accuracy. Manual segmentations are tedious and prone to operator differences whereas automatic segmentations have a high failure rate due to variations in anatomy, positioning, and image quality. This program provides a middle ground between these two approaches with an emphasis on ease-of-use for plastic surgeons.

BreastCalc is available as a standalone program for Windows and Mac OS X. Simply unzip and run the program, no installation necessary.

BreastCalc was developed by Lance Levine at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine with the help of Dr. Jikaria, Dr. Kassira, and Dr. Singh.